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The World's Best Garden

90% of the reason I joined the National Trust was to save money on visiting Stourhead Gardens. Actually, let’s be honest – it’s 100%. I used to ask to go there for my birthday, and one memorable year I was stung on the bottom by wasp. It’s a beautiful place. You may know it from the Keira Knightly Pride & Prejudice (2005) rainy-proposal-moment, or from its appearance in numerous other films and TV programs. If you don’t know it, it’s a beautiful, sweeping garden of the 18th Centur,y English style. Featuring trees from all over the world, its carefully engineered picturesque views are no accident: it’s a work of art made out of nature. My sister and I have been looking forward to taking her baby (5 months) for a walk around Stourhead Gardens. He loves being outside and seems delighted by gazing up at trees. This weekend we had the opportunity to go for a walk at Stourhead, and we weren’t disappointed. My nephew had a lovely time leaning back in his baby-carrier and admiring the tr…

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